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Enjoy a western style turkey hunt sitting blinds in the morning, then glassing from high vantage points to locate birds and slip in for the kill midday.  Your guide will place you in strategic sites for you to call in your toms.  You will then sit blinds again for the final hours of the day.  Our hunts are highly successful with only 2 hunters per week. 

The Pine Ridge escarpment is a pure Merriam's area in the far NW corner of Nebraska.  We have lots of birds on numerous ranches with many opportunities per hunter.  Balancing Arrow guides have assisted hundreds of people over the last 30 years to accomplish their turkey slam goals.  This is a one bird hunt and we do have a strict wound policy so be proficient with your weapon.

Merriam's Turkey $1,500.

3 days... Mid April thru late May.