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All of our trophy big game hunts take place during the rut with most of the hunting done from ground stands overlooking travel corridors to and from feeding and rutting areas, Your stand site provides you with a large glassing area but puts you into adequate shooting distances for a good clean harvest.

Our goal is for our clients to harvest whitetails in the 140's and 150's, Mulies in the 150's and 160's, Pronghorn in the 13's and 14's and Elk in the 350 to 400 class. Although we have harvested animals larger than this we feel they are a bonus not an average.


Trophy Deer $3000
4 days Rifle.... 3rd Week in November
5 days Muzzleloader.... 2nd week in December
7 days Archery Combo.... September / October

Trophy Elk $4000 (Resident only)
7 days.... Late September through late October

Trophy Pronghorn $2000
5 days Rifle.... Middle two weeks in October
5 days Muzzleloader.... Last two weeks in September